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No matter what kind of furniture. No matter what kind of material is covering it. This is the service for upholstery cleaning in Liverpool which gets you the kind of convenience and results you need:

Carried out by trained experts under full insurance cover, we're available seven days a week...

Sofa Cleaning in Liverpool - How We'll Complete Yours

This service for sofa cleaning in Liverpool is equally effective at dealing with couches, armchairs, and all kinds of upholstered furniture. We utilise multiple methods, depending on your specific requirements - and the requirements of your material too:

Steam Couch Cleaning

We use a hot water extraction system which pressure-injects water into the deepest layers of your fabric. This breaks down bonds between dirt and fabric, allowing the entire mixture to then be sucked back out with ease.

Dry Sofa Cleaning

We'll spread a layer of special powder chips across the surface of the fabric that needs to be cleansed. These chips actively bind together with dirt and any other pollutants which may be present to allow for easy removal. No water or liquid detergents are used, so it's easy to make sure there's absolutely no risk of fabric shrinking here. That's why we recommend it for natural weaves of material in particular.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

This is easy for us thanks to the top of the range materials which we're armed with. The Prochem range has equipped us with everything necessary to cleanse a wide range of different types of leather, and other materials such as suede.

Why Book Our Upholstery Cleaning Services?

  • Free assessment of your fabric's type and condition before your service starts 
  • Free stain pre-treatment to ensure the best chance at complete removal 
  • Complete insurance protection provided as standard, so no stress while we work 
  • Get a service that's tailored to any armchair cleaning in Liverpool - natural or synthetic weaves no problem 
  • Opt for weekend or weekday booking slots without needing to pay anything on top 
  • 24/7 support is yours as standard - choose to get in touch to get your free quote whenever it's convenient!
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