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Mattress Cleaning in Liverpool You Can Use in Your Home or Your Hotel!

There's no more need to wait around for hours after you've had your mattress cleaning in Liverpool. With the advanced equipment which we use assisting you, you can get right back into bed!

You'll see your expert technician use the latest equipment to cleanse your bed without the need for harsh chemical cleansers. In fact, a little light is all we need...

How We Complete Your Bed Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction

This is our recommended option for certain types of mattresses, and for heavily stained or soiled ones too. Thanks to the fact that a heated water and detergent mixture is injected deep into your mattress, it has an intense deep clean effect. All dirt can then be removed along with the water mix. This option requires a certain amount of drying time - usually a couple of hours.

Why Get Your Mattress Cleaning Services From Us?

  • Access to the latest equipment ensures that all of the bed cleaning services we deliver happen quickly and effectively 
  • Every professional on your team is trained to the highest level, and very experienced in the ins and outs of the industry 
  • You get full insurance cover for every mattress that's placed in our care 
  • The hot water extraction we offer in Liverpool is suitable for even badly soiled beds 
  • Book a weekend or weekday service without needing to pay extra, whichever you prefer 
  • Contact us for a free quote or to make your booking 24 hours a day, every day of the week
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