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Book Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool With No Messing Around

With experts used to treating all types of fabric to the highest professional standard, the carpet cleaning we offer in Liverpool always gets you the results you need. But what if you have upholstered furniture or mattresses which need cleansing?

That won't be a problem. The latest training in a number of disciplines - and access to the most effective modern tools of the trade - ensures that whatever you need from us, you get the highest quality. As well as full insurance cover...

Your Carpet Cleaning Services - More Details About How We Do It

Though the benefits at the foot of the page are yours no matter which service you need from us, we'll use specific techniques depending on the type of fabric we're going to be cleansing:

Carpet Cleaning

Depending on the needs of your material, we'll tailor your service to make sure the correct technique is always used. This means steam cleaning is usually preferred for artificial fibres, and dry cleaning for natural weaves - those which might otherwise shrink if exposed to water or liquid cleansers. Pre-treatment of stains is always one of the first steps, no matter which method we use.

Upholstery Cleaning

Get the upholstery cleaning you need in Liverpool - always matched to your fabric type - with no hassle, whether it's an armchair, couch, sofa, or other type of furniture that needs to be cleansed. We also have the materials needed for suede and leather cleaning to a professional standard.

Mattress Cleaning

We use a device which relies on high intensity ultraviolet light to get stunning results whatever kind of mattress we need to deal with. Taking less than fifteen minutes no matter the size of the bed in question - we're more than used to dealing with queen size, king size, single or double beds. This even eliminates bed bugs, dust mites, and other pests.

The Benefits of Using Us

  • Special training and a thorough vetting process which ensures reliable services 
  • Careful tailoring of your service to meet the demands of your particular fabric 
  • Full insurance protection provided as standard with the mattress cleaning and everything else we do for you in Liverpool 
  • Free quotes on your service on demand - just call for free advice, or to reschedule for no extra fee 
  • Convenient appointment options, ranging from early Monday mornings to late weekend evenings 
  • No hassle making your booking - we're here to take your call 24 hours a day, every day
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