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Fast and Highly Effective Carpet Cleaning in Middlewich

Get high quality mattress, upholstery, and carpet cleaning in Middlewich all under the same roof! Ideal for all properties and fabric types, you'll always start off with a clear, no-obligation quote on the work you want done. And count on getting work from trained and highly experienced professionals...

What You Need to Know About Your Carpet Cleaning and Other Services

Carpet Cleaning

When you get carpet cleaning services from us, we'll tailor the type of cleansing we deliver to your fabric type in particular. This usually means dry cleaning for natural fabrics, while synthetic ones get treated by hot water extraction.

Upholstery Cleaning

Get your upholstery cleaning in Middlewich from us and enjoy the same expertise for all fabric types, as well as leather and suede sofas.

Mattress Cleaning

This service is ideal for any mattress type or size. We'll use high intensity UV-based equipment for most, with the option of steam mattress cleaning for significantly stained items.

The Benefits of Using Us For Your Fabric

  • There are whole bunch of reasons why local people use us for their mattress cleaning in Middlewich, and more:
  • Every professional who arrives on your doorstep is properly trained and equipped 
  • Full insurance cover protects all of the work we do for you 
  • Mattresses can be cleaned in less than fifteen minutes - no hassle no matter where they're placed 
  • Get the right treatment for artificial or natural materials - as well as for suede, leather, and more! 
  • Add optional Scotchgard protection or air mover hire to your appointment whenever required 
  • A quote provided on demand, with 24-hour support services always staffed
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