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How to Book Professional Carpet Cleaning in Crewe

What if you could get all of the upholstery, mattress, and carpet cleaning you need in Crewe from one reliable company?

That's exactly what we provide. All services are fully insured and delivered by the kind of specialists we'd like to invite into our own homes - trained, vetted, courteous, and eager to help you.

More Information About How We'll Deliver Your Service

Carpet Cleaning

For natural fabric types we'll prefer dry cleaning, while artificial materials are dealt with primarily using hot water extraction - sometimes known as steam cleaning. The benefits of the former include zero drying time and no danger of fabric shrinking, as no liquid is employed. The latter results in a stunningly powerful clean which can deal with even very soiled items.

Upholstery Cleaning

All of the upholstery cleaning we do in Crewe is delivered only after careful pre-treatment for any stained areas - and you'll get the same as part of your carpet cleaning services. Leather and suede cleaning also present no problem.

Mattress Cleaning

We still offer hot water extraction for very dirty mattresses, but we increasingly favour our advanced UV light equipment - which takes only fifteen minutes per bed - as it is incredibly fast and gets excellent results, making it favoured by commercial clients too.

Why Use Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • Expertise in all the different kinds of upholstery, carpet, and mattress cleaning Crewe homes and businesses need 
  • All your services covered by comprehensive insurance protection, and thorough quality guarantees 
  • Incredibly fast action delivered by trained specialists - resulting in times like just fifteen minutes per mattress! 
  • All material and furniture types deal with with equal hassle-free ease 
  • Availability throughout the week and at the weekend without extra fee for service convenience 
  • Book or reschedule your appointment for free at any time - we're here to help 24 hours a day
Areas We Cover in Crewe