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One Service For Affordable, Expert Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

This one straightforward service for carpet cleaning in Liverpool lets you simply point some experts at the target...

And know that you'll get an affordable service which takes all of the needs of your schedule - and your carpet's material and condition - into account. What could be simpler?

We only ever send properly trained and experienced professionals to your door. And they'll always be armed with the latest cleansing materials from industry master-manufacturers Prochem. Plus, they'll always be working under complete insurance cover too. So that's your peace of mind assured.
How do we refresh your fabric though?

Your Rug Cleaning in Liverpool - More Information

Your carpet cleaning services will begin with your team removing any items of furniture which you haven't had time to deal with out of the area which they're going to be working in. Afterwards they'll be replaced in the same spots, protected by foil pads if you've had steam cleaning carried out.

Following this, your carpet will be examined in detail. Every stain will be identified, and given the treatment which is most likely to see the marking removed in full. The main body of your service will then follow, with optional Scotchgard application - which protects your fabric against getting dirty again for longer - being available for after your service is complete.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Otherwise known as steam cleaning, in Liverpool this is one of our most popular methods for cleansing fabric. Mostly used on artificial and synthetic varieties of carpeting because they're tough enough to withstand the heat and pressure action involved in this process, this technique is highly effective when used on even very stained or tired-looking carpets. There is a short drying time afterwards, usually between one-and-a-half and three hours. We can supply air movers or recommend how to achieve the best ventilation in order to reduce this if necessary.

Dry Cleaning

We'll use dry cleaning techniques if the rugs in question are made of a natural material which might shrink if exposed to water-based cleansing method, or occasionally if your rugs need to be ready for instant use after cleansing. A layer of dry powder chips are spread onto the fabric, allowed to attract all dirt, and then vacuumed away for a simple, effective cleanse which can refresh any type of material.

Why Hire Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • Free onsite assessment of the materials your rug is made of, so the most effective treatment is used 
  • Specialists who've been trained to recognise and test the most suitable methods 
  • Whether you're getting dry cleaning or hot water extraction in Liverpool, we always provide full insurance cover 
  • Stains are pre-treated for free before your service starts 
  • Fit in around busy workplace or home schedules with our seven-day availability 
  • Get in touch to request a free quote with zero obligation at any time - we keep our support facilities open 24 hours a day!
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